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this is  an image. Algebra and its history Performed by  MohammadMatin Khorshidifar   &    Soheil saghafi (K.N.Toosi University of Technology)


Avoiding modules, co-avoiding modules, Goldie dimension and its dual Let R be a ring. An R-module M is called n-avoiding(co-n-avoiding) if for any set I with |I| = 1 + n and any family {N(i)}(i ε I) of submodules of M with ∩N(i)=0(i ε I)(∑N(i)=M(i ε I)), there is a finite subset  J of I with |J| = n such that ∩N(i)=0(i ε J)(∑N(i)=M(i ε J)), and n is the smallest positive integer with this property. An R-...
this is  an image. Consideration of connection between rubik’s cube and group theory Supervisor: Dr.P.Niroomand(School of Mathematics & Computer Science, Damghan University, Damghan, Iran)